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Store Contracts & Returns

Purchasing Contract and Returns (for stores only)

Individual consumer orders:

  1. The company (Cameron Enterprises) takes great pride in the look and packaging of each item, as well as how the item is shipped by seller and received by purchaser.
  2. Refunds are administered only if product is wrong or damaged. Company (Cameron Enterprises) will include picture of packaged order in box and keep a copy as well to verify the condition of the product before leaving the site. If purchaser is requesting a refund, purchaser must notify company the same day order is received and pay return shipping fee. Foremost, all returns must fall within the guidelines listed for refunds.

Shipping and Returns We Ship To The United States And Canada

Free Makeup and Nail Polish

Makeup is only free with jewelry order. If for any reason you are not satisfied with what you received, please return within 7 days. Refund will only be issued if the free makeup is returned un-opened and unused along with the jewelry. Customer must pay postage for return. 

All items are packed in a secure crush proof box for the protection of the product.


Shipping Fees

Sometimes shipping fees are over calculated because of weight differential. When this happens, our company will refund any overages the customer paid.

We are a reputable company and go beyond the stages of customer/company relationship. Because of this, customer satisfactory is our main objective. You can order from us with confidence that your information is safe and secure and you will receive your order in a timely manner. All orders are shipped once payment from customer is secure. We will always send an email to let you know when your order was shipped and the estimated time of arrival via USPS/UPS.

It is in our best interest to secure the cheapest shipping rates for our customers. Because of this, your package may come by USPS, UPS or FEDEX. In any case, we will notify you.

Our company is not responsible for any delivery dates that are not accurate from shipping couriers suggested delivery times. Once we send the package, it is on its way to you.


Shipping (Individual customers only. Companies should refer to link above for Purchasing contract and returns)

  1. All orders are shipped out Monday through Thursday by 8:30am. In certain cases the location of the purchaser may delay receiving the product in a timely manner. In which case the company (Cameron Enterprises) will submit this information to purchaser. The company will pay an additional shipping fee of $2.00 and the purchaser will pay anything over $2.00 to guarantee the delivery of the shipment in a timely manner. It normally takes 2-3 days for customer to receive baked goods.
  2. Purchasers/customers are allowed to make orders anytime of the week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday orders are made fresh Monday morning and mailed the same day for delivery.
  1. Company (Cameron Enterprises) will send a verification email or fax for confirmation delivery of order and delivery date given by shipping couriers. Company (Cameron Enterprises) is not responsible for any delivery dates given by shipping carriers that are not accurate.

Before placing order. Kankakee, Bradley and Bourbonnais customers are not subject to regular (USPS)  shipping fees. For $1.50 shipping charge, email company at for special shipping coupon. Orders will be hand delivered the same or next day. These types of orders are delivered Monday through Saturday and sometimes Sunday with special request. No extra charge.